Diana Nyad back on course after storm slowed Cuba-Florida swim

Swimmer Diana Nyad was doing better on Monday after a tough night during her attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida.

Nyad was hit by storms on Sunday, which blew her off course and into some jellyfish, which stung her. Nyad’s last attempt, in 2011, was cut short because toxins built up in her system after multiple jellyfish stings.

Nyad, 62, is trying to become the first person to swim across the Straits of Florida without a shark cage.

Mark Sollinger, a Nyad representative, told NBC’s"Today” show that things couldn’t be going better for her.

“Her stroke looks good, and we’re moving in the right direction,” he said.


Nyad is being followed by an electronic device stored in a kayak that is supposed to keep sharks away by generating a faint electric field that is not noticeable to humans.

If all goes well, Nyad should complete the swim sometime on Tuesday.


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