NFL power rankings: Denver, Atlanta are the teams to beat

Denver and Atlanta lead the way.
(Los Angeles Times)

The Times’ NFL power rankings have been released, and it looks like a Denver vs. Atlanta Super Bowl is in the offing.

The Broncos, who are 12-3, retained the top spot after their 34-12 victory over Cleveland on Sunday, while the Falcons moved up on spot to No. 2 thanks to their 31-18 victory over Detroit and Houston’s 23-6 loss to Minnesota.


The Texans dropped from No. 2 to No. 4.

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The entire top 10: 1. Denver; 2. Atlanta; 3. New England; 4. Houston; 5. Green Bay; 6. Seattle; 7. San Francisco; 8. Washington; 9. Indianapolis; 10. Minnesota.

Kansas City and Jacksonville remain at the bottom of the ranks. Both teams are 2-13.


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