Clippers charge food to each other's rooms on the road [Video]

The Clippers are one of the top teams in the Western Conference, sell out arenas on the road and are becoming accustomed to hearing a "Beat L.A." chant that was once reserved only for the Lakers.

Sure, their newfound success has a lot to do with having one of the top point guards and forwards in the league in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, but it may also stem largely from an intangible.


The players have a unique rapport, to say the least.

Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are close friends who hug each other in between plays. The team's locker room is often filled with jokes and laughter -- before a recent game, Trey Thompkins teased Travis Leslie about his inability to cook and his penchant for sweets. And the players often opt to eat meals together as a unit when they're on the road.

They bond over practical jokes.

On his Twitter account, Jordan posts "got 'em" photos of his teammates sleeping during plane rides. The players gather around whoever is nodding off, point and smile and then share the photo with their thousands of followers.

"If I do sleep, I sleep with the blanket over my head," Randy Foye said.

Foye said his teammates also mess with each other by charging room service to each other's suites.

"We'll go to each other's room and just order a ton of room service," Foye said. "We'll order from someone else's room and say bring it here and we'll put the bill on someone else's room. The guys always do that."

Who gets stuck with the bill most often?

Jordan is the usual target.

"D.J.'s willing to pay now," Foye said. "He's got a big contract."

The team's off-court chemistry seems to permeate their high-energy, exciting style of play.

The Clippers are in fourth place in the Western Conference with a 19-11 record -- but according to Ryan Gomes, the best part of playing for the team has a lot to do with what transpires away from the hardwood.

Gomes didn't hesitate when asked what his favorite thing is about being a Clipper:

"The group of guys we have," he said.


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