Does Roger Clemens belong in the Hall of Fame? [Poll]

Roger Clemens won a five-year battle Monday when a jury found him not guilty of lying to Congress about steroid use.

But although Clemens’ name may have been cleared as far as the law is concerned, it remains to be seen what effect the verdict will have on the public’s opinion of the seven-time Cy Young Award winning pitcher — particularly the opinion of the Hall of Fame voters, who will have an opportunity in December to determine whether or not Clemens is worthy of the honor.

“I think everybody believes he was guilty in some form or fashion,” said John Harper of the New York Daily News, who doesn’t plan to vote for Clemens. “I think that’s the real issue as far as voters go. I know that’s an issue for me.”

So far, the writers who cast the ballots that determine who gets immortalized in Cooperstown have not been kind to otherwise worthy players linked to baseball’s steroid era — most notably, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro.


“I think the voters have already spoken, with McGwire and Palmeiro,” said ESPN reporter-analyst Tim Kurkjian, who plans to vote for Clemens. " I don’t see [Clemens] getting into the Hall of Fame as a first-year eligible.”

It should definitely be an interesting vote later this year, with Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa also joining Clemens as first-time candidates.

What do you think? Does Clemens belong in the Hall of Fame? Vote in the poll, then leave a message explaining why you voted the way you did.


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