Malibu marathon welcomes runners from canceled New York Marathon

Celine Bally, of French Martinique, gives a thumbs-down in front of the Central Park finish line of the canceled New York Marathon. Some people who planned to run in that race have switched to the Malibu marathon, which will be held Sunday.
(John Minchillo / Associated Press)

The Malibu international marathon has been a fun, recreational event throughout its brief existence.

“We have barefoot runners and normal runners and we all run multiple races throughout the year,” said Hale Kpetigo, the race’s director. “We’re a small and a young race.”

Its fourth edition, to take place Sunday, will have a more serious purpose.


The marathon and accompanying half-marathon have opened their doors to runners who planned to participate in last Sunday’s New York marathon before that race was can celled in deference to the damage inflicted by Hurricane Sandy around the New York area.

Late Malibu entrants are being offered a discount on entry fees, and part of the fees will be donated to the AmeriCares Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

Kpetigo said Wednesday he didn’t have exact numbers on how many entrants the Malibu race had gained from New York, but he said there has been a flurry of newcomers.

“We’ve seen an increase in out-of-town runners, not only from New York but China, Brazil and London,” he said. “Usually our fees are higher at the last minute, but being a runner myself I understand what it’s like when you’re training the whole year to participate in an event and the event was canceled because of the unfortunate storm in New York.”

Kpetigo said the Malibu marathon usually draws about 3,000 runners and will be capped at 5,000 this year. He said registration is close to that level but not there yet.



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