Oksana Baiul claims not knowing English cost her millions

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Olympic figure-skating gold medalist Oksana Baiul is suing the William Morris Agency, saying it cheated her of earnings by taking advantage of her when she was a minor and did not understand English.

The talent agency signed Baiul, who was born and raised in Ukraine, when she was 16, but she said in her suit Tuesday that when she signed the contract she could not read or speak English.

Baiul won the Olympic gold medal in women’s figure skating in 1994.

Baiul, 35, claimed that William Morris failed to account for $150,000 from a line of jewelry, a $100,000 advance and royalties for greeting cards and stationery, and earnings from TV specials, books, an infomercial, and other film and television contracts.

She also claimed that because she didn’t understand the contract she signed, she didn’t realize she allowed the agency to distribute a portion of her earnings to people she claimed to have no relation with.


Baiul is asking for at least $1 million in damages.


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