Live discussion: How will USC and UCLA end their seasons?


We had another Google + Hangout on college football today, with Times UCLA writer Chris Foster, USC writer Gary Klein and national college football columnist Chris Dufresne giving an update on the season in a live Google+ Hangout.

One of the topics covered was USC and UCLA, and how the rest of their seasons will go.

“The Bruins have to go to Arizona State, the South Division’s defending champ playing the South Division leader,” Foster said. “They have to play Arizona. They have to go into Pullman, which is always scary. Then they have USC and Stanford. They could win all those or finish 7-5.”


For the Trojans, “USC is essentially at home for their last six games,” Klein said. “They will roll over Colorado. Then they go to Arizona, but get a break with a 12:30 p.m. game, which works to USC’s advantage. Then you have Oregon at the Coliseum, which could be the game of the year. Then, of course, you have UCLA and Notre Dame. So it works out well for the Trojans.”

What about the dominance of the SEC?

“It’s amazing what’s going on,” Dufresne said. “I’m not saying the game is rigged, but the SEC plays an eight-game schedule, instead of nine like the Pac-12. Georgia misses LSU, Alabama and Arkansas. So two years in a row they miss the top three teams in the SEC West. That gives them an advantage.”

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