Shaquille O’Neal reportedly considering playing in Mexican league


Not sure whether Shaquille O’Neal knows any Spanish, but one word that might come in handy is “grande.”

That is, if he plans on accepting a reported invitation to play in the Mexican league. And, of course, assuming he will continue giving himself nicknames starting with the word “big” while there.

O’Neal, who retired as an NBA player last off-season, was invited to play for Fuerza Regia while doing some social work in Monterrey last month, is reporting.


According to the report, team President Sergio Ganem said Wednesday the 15-time All Star is in talks to play a few games in October, depending on his schedule as an analyst on TNT’s “Inside the NBA.”

Ganem reportedly spoke to O’Neal by phone in an effort to convince him to make the deal and expects a response by next week.

Previous big names who have played for Fuerza Regia include Dennis Rodman and 7-foot-9 Sun Ming Ming of China. Still, the signing of an NBA legend such as O’Neal would be a pretty grande deal.


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