Jerry Lawler showing signs of improvement after heart attack

Jerry Lawler in the ring during a "Monday Night Raw" episode earlier this year.

Jerry Lawler, who suffered a heart attack during “Monday Night Raw” earlier this week, is being slowly taken off sedation and had his ventilator removed, but remains in serious but stable condition at a Montreal hospital on Wednesday. He had surgery Tuesday to have three stents put in his coronary arteries.

Lawler can blink, nod and squeeze with his hands, but doctors still aren’t sure as to the extent of the damage, if any, done to his brain until they get all the tests back Wednesday morning.

Lawler’s ex-wife, Stacy Carter, said on her Facebook page:

“The docs are removing his ventilation and taking him out of sedation. He is responsive, which is great!!! It took a while to revive him last night so there’s the concern of brain damage. He had some tests done which will show how much if any damage there is due to the lack of oxygen to the brain. Unfortunately, the results won’t be in until the morning. I appreciate all the calls, texts, tweets and Facebook messages of support and I know Jerry will too.”


Lawler, 62, had the heart attack while he and announcing partner Michael Cole were providing commentary during a tag-team match featuring Kane and Daniel Bryan versus the Prime Time Players.

Midway through the match, the commentary suddenly stopped and snoring sounds could be heard.

Medical personnel at ringside immediately started CPR on Lawler, whose heart had stopped beating.

Lawler, who still wrestles occasionally, had competed in a match earlier in the show, about 45 minutes before his heart attack.


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