Redskins’ Robert Griffin III calls Rams defense ‘unprofessional’

Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III scores on a seven-yard touchdown run against the St. Louis Rams.
(Chris Lee / MCT)

Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III says the St. Louis Rams’ defense was unprofessional in its behavior Sunday.

“I remember one play,” Griffin said. “After the play, the guy said: ‘We’re going to hit you every play.’

“I said: ‘Isn’t this football?’ It’s nothing that I’m not used to. It was extremely weird the way they went about it, though.”

Griffin was sacked only once by the Rams, but he was knocked down several times during the Redskins’ 31-28 victory.


“There was some extracurricular stuff going on after the plays,” Griffin said. “They were doing a lot of dirty things. I still think they have an extremely good team, that doesn’t take anything away from them, but the game was unprofessional. Who am I to talk? I’ve barely been a pro for very long, but from what I experienced against the Saints compared to that game, it was definitely unprofessional and it does need to be cleaned up.”

Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said the replacement refs let things get out of hand.

“You have to have people take control,” he said. “And there wasn’t any control in that game. Hopefully officials next week will take control. That’s what you have to do as an official.”



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