No post-NFL draft party tonight for LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu after all

Tyrann Mathieu runs a drill at the NFL scouting combine in February.
(Dave Martin / Associated Press)

Tyrann Mathieu is not having a post-draft party for himself Thursday night.

I don’t care what you think you heard, it’s not true. Here, see for yourself, straight from the former LSU standout’s Twitter feed Wednesday afternoon:

There will be no party for Tyrann Mathieu!! — Tyrann Mathieu (@Mathieu_Era) April 24, 2013


See? If you can’t believe what you read on Twitter, then what can you believe.

Only one problem with that logic: Mathieu’s Twitter feed apparently did at one time feature a link to an invitation to a post-draft party for himself. Multiple media outlets captured and posted images of the invitation.

Mathieu apparently later tweeted that he never approved of the part of the flier that refers to him as a first-round draft pick. That tweet is also no longer on his feed.

He later told reporters that there was never supposed to be a party and that someone with access to his account put out the invitation without his knowledge.

“It’s crazy. I don’t understand it,” he said at a pre-draft party Wednesday. “It was a miscommunication, that’s all. ... I never signed off on the party.”

The former Honey Badger also said he had no plans to attend any parties Thursday night and would “pretty much stay inside.”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating a huge accomplishment. But for someone who has been trying to clean up his image after being suspended by LSU for drug use and arrested for possession of marijuana, calling it all off was probably the best thing to do from a PR standpoint.

And distancing himself from the whole first-round-pick thing was definitely a good move as well. No need to look cocky (or foolish, since no one else really believes he’s going any time before the second round anyway).

Now if he would only stop referring to himself in the third person. ...


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