Travis Johnson: Cowboys QB Tony Romo ‘has not earned a dollar’


Tony Romo became the highest paid player in Dallas Cowboys history this off-season when he signed a contract extension worth $108 million over six years.

Presumably it was all legally done, with all the proper forms signed by both parties. But in the eyes of former Houston defensive lineman Travis Johnson, the Cowboys quarterback has been robbing the team ever since he became a starter back in 2006.

“He is a thief,” Johnson said of Romo during a segment on CSN Houston. “They need to bring him up on federal charges.”


Wow. That’s pretty extreme, even as a joke. But he was merely expanding on another statement made earlier in the broadcast: “Tony Romo has not earned a dollar he has been given in this league.”

Not sure what Romo ever did to get on Johnson’s bad side, but you’d think simply getting battered around like any quarterback does would at least entitle Romo to at least a fraction of the paycheck the Cowboys willingly give him.

Sure, he and the Cowboys have been a late-season disappointment during much of Romo’s tenure as starting quarterback and they have a 1-3 record in three playoff appearances during that time span. But is that really enough to make Romo a criminal whose illegal activities may not end at burglary?

“If a man robs you with no ski mask on, he’s gonna kill you,” Johnson said as his co-hosts laughed in the background. “Exactly what he’s doing -- he’s killing the franchise.”

Incidentally, the man Johnson also referred to as a “loser” is 55-38 as the Cowboys’ starter.



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