Brent Musburger writes ‘She’s a 10’ on poster of Katherine Webb


Brent Musburger came under fire during the BCS title game between Alabama and Notre Dame last month for what some perceived to be “creepy old man” comments about Katherine Webb, girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, who was in the stands.

When Webb was shown on camera watching the game, Musburger talked about how attractive she was, and that quarterbacks get all the hot women.

Of course, if you really listened to his statements, it was all pretty harmless. Even Webb said she wasn’t offended by it, and later thanked him for sparking interest in it helping her land a gig on a reality TV show.


You might think that after all that, Musburger might want to back away from any more comments about Webb. But no.

Musburger was broadcasting Monday night’s Kansas-Iowa State basketball game, and before the game, an Iowa State fan asked Musburger to autograph a giant picture of a bikini-clad Webb.

Musburger did. He also wrote “She’s a 10” on it and posed for a picture with it.

Sure, some people will probably be creeped out again, but it seems pretty funny to me.


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