Plaschke: Chris Paul should stay in L.A.; Dwight Howard should go


The Lakers and Clippers wrapped up their seasons weeks ago, but the latest drama is just beginning for L.A.’s two NBA teams, which will just happen to have the league’s two hottest free agents at the end of the month.

Times columnist Bill Plaschke’s opinion on the Lakers’ Dwight Howard and the Clippers’ Chris Paul.

On Howard, Plaschke addresses Lakers fans: “Please don’t hope he stays. ... Dwight Howard needs to leave. He’s not happy here. The Lakers want him because they think they have no other options, but guess what? They have another option.”


Just wait till you hear who that option is.

On Paul, Plaschke says: “The Clippers need Chris Paul. ... He is the future of the Clippers. They can win an NBA championship with Chris Paul.”

Plaschke indicates that Paul wanted to stay with the Clippers, but recent comments by owner Donald Sterling may have diminished the chance of that happening.


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