USC suspends basketball players James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon

USC suspends basketball players James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon
Dewayne Dedmon, right, has been suspended indefinitely from the USC men’s basketball team.
(George Nikitin / Associated Press)

USC has suspended basketball players James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon for their alleged role in an incident that happened early Sunday morning in Spokane, Wash., after the Trojans’ loss to Washington State.

“James Blasczyk and Dewayne Dedmon have been suspended indefinitely from all team activities because of a violation of a team rule,” Coach Bob Cantu said in a statement.

“Separately, we are aware of the Spokane investigation into an alleged incident involving those players and we are cooperating with the authorities to determine the facts. Until we learn all the facts, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”


On Sunday, Monique Cotton, communications director for the Spokane police, said that 10 to 12 officers responded to a call about a large fight in downtown Spokane about 2 a.m. Sunday. Officers found 20 to 30 people involved in a fight that had apparently begun at one location and continued at another, Cotton said.

“Witnesses told us that they believe that it was USC basketball players that were involved,” Cotton said at the time, “but we are still in the very preliminary portion of our investigation.”



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