Listen to Texans fans laugh and cheer when QB Matt Schaub is injured


Matt Schaub hasn’t been the most popular guy in Houston this fall.

The longtime Texans quarterback’s nine interceptions, including a pick-six in an NFL record four straight games, have a lot to do with that.

Many fans have been clamoring for backup T.J. Yates to take his place, and some expressed their delight in a very audible manner when their wish came true during Sunday’s loss to the St. Louis Rams -- even though Schaub was on the turf in obvious pain at the time.


That’s right, some knuckleheads at Reliant Stadium actually cheered when Schaub went down with an apparent injury to his right ankle early in the third quarter.

Schaub had actually been playing fairly well in the game, with no turnovers. Yates, on the other hand, threw a pair of interceptions, including one that Alec Ogletree returned 98 yards for a touchdown.

That’s right, a pick-six for a fifth game in a row for Houston, drawing loud boos from the Texans fans -- no doubt including the guy you can clearly hear in the fan video above laughing and yelling “Bring in Yates!” while Schaub was writhing in pain.

Be careful what you wish for, idiot.


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