Podcast: NCAA, AAU and the big business of amateur sports

Duke's Zion Williamson reacts after a dunk against North Carolina on March 15
(Nell Redmond / Associated Press)

On the latest episode of the “Arrive Early, Leave Late” podcast, enterprise reporter Nathan Fenno discusses big money in amateur athletics, with topics including the college admissions scandal and allegations from attorney Michael Avenatti that involve AAU basketball and Nike.

USC’s Lynn Swann spends a Saturday in Virginia signing autographs for money »

Later, columnist LZ Granderson talks about Duke superstar Zion Williamson and other college athletes who have made a lot of money for the NCAA and others but aren’t allowed to cash in on their own success. Granderson also discusses how rapper Nipsey Hussle’s death affected NBA players and LeBron James’ impact in Los Angeles (and vice versa).

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