Bears legend Brian Urlacher has hair now, and he looks ... different

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Lots of NFL news this week. The playoff field is finally set, with 12 teams ready to begin the road to Super Bowl 50 this weekend. Several other organizations have made some tough decisions in the last couple of days as to who will, or won’t, be leading the way from now on.

And Brian Urlacher has hair.

That’s right. The legendary Chicago Bears linebacker made headlines Tuesday morning by revealing his new hair -- or, more accurately, that he actually has a hairline these days.

Urlacher was more than a little intimidating during his 2000-2012 career, with steam rising from his glorious bald head in subfreezing temperatures at Soldier Field. But now he has a full head of hair, thanks to a one-day, outpatient procedure called Restore.


The change is so dramatic that no football was discussed during Urlacher’s six-plus-minute appearance Tuesday on WGN-TV. It was all about his locks.

Urlacher said there’s “so many things I can do now with my hair. My showers take longer. I gotta leave a little extra couple of minutes to comb it in the morning, put gel in it now sometimes. It’s great.”

While the folks interviewing Urlacher had nothing but praise for his new look, some people on Twitter couldn’t help but point out the resemblance to a bad hairpiece featured in an episode of “Seinfeld.”

Pretty sure no one would say anything like that to his face. After all, this is Brian Urlacher we’re talking about. When asked if he’d still be able to play linebacker with hair like that, Urlacher answered, “For sure. Guaranteed.”