See the photo that made Notre Dame RB Cam McDaniel an Internet star

Cam McDaniel rushed for a career-high 92 yards against USC last Saturday, but that’s not why the Notre Dame running back became an Internet sensation this week.

It’s because he’s ridiculously photogenic.

McDaniel lost his helmet while being tackled by a group of Trojans during the Fighting Irish’s 14-10 victory but gained plenty of notoriety thanks to a photo snapped at just the right moment during the play.

In that picture, McDaniel appears to be staring deep into the camera’s lens with a smoldering look on his face and his hair tousled just right. Seriously, it looks like something straight out of an Old Spice commercial or, as many people have pointed out, an Abercrombie & Fitch ad.


The photo has made the rounds on the Internet and McDaniel has become the latest athlete to be dubbed “ridiculously photogenic” (joining the likes of ridiculously photogenic runner Zeddie Little and ridiculously photogenic jiujitsu instructor Clark Gracie).

And then there’s the memes: “Guy trying to tackle him ... just wanted to touch him;" “Takes quarterback’s handoff ... and his heart;" and “Scores touchdown ... wins America’s Next Top Model” and certainly countless others.

Not that it really matters, but McDaniel is a junior who has rushed for 351 yards in 81 attempts with two touchdowns this season to go with his 125 yards in 23 attempts with one touchdown last year.



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