Pete Rose still banned from baseball after MLB rejects application for reinstatement

Pete Rose

Pete Rose is still ineligible for the baseball Hall of Fame.

(Gene J. Puskar / Associated Press)

Baseball’s all-time hit leader has struck out in what appears to be his final shot at the Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose was denied reinstatement to Major League Baseball by Commissioner Rob Manfred on Monday. The Hall of Fame does not consider for induction any party on baseball’s restricted list.

In a written decision, Manfred said Rose had applied for reinstatement in a letter asking for the chance to show he had reconfigured his life since he was banned in 1989 for betting on baseball.

“Mr. Rose has not presented credible evidence of a reconfigured life,” Manfred said.


In addition, said Manfred: “It is not at all clear to me that Mr. Rose has a grasp of the scope of his violations.”

For many years, Rose denied he had bet on baseball as a player-manager with the Cincinnati Reds in 1985-86. In his September meeting with Manfred, according to the commissioner’s decision, Rose said he had bet on every Cincinnati Reds game. Manfred said he had evidence Rose had not bet on every Reds game.

“Thus,” Manfred said, “Mr. Rose’s wagering pattern may have created the appearance to those who were aware of his activity that he selected only those games that he believed the Reds would win.”

Manfred also said that Rose continues to bet on baseball -- perhaps legally, Manfred said, but not in keeping with Rose’s claim of a reconfigured life. More troubling, Manfred said, was that Rose denied currently betting on baseball in the September interview, then admitted it in the same interview.


In addition, Manfred said, the evidence showed Rose had “never seriously sought treatment” for a gambling addiction.

“Mr. Rose’s public and private comments ... provide me with little confidence that he has a mature understanding of his wrongful conduct, that he has accepted full responsibility for it, or that he understands the damage he has caused,” Manfred said.

Manfred said that Rose could continue to participate in ceremonial activities associated with Major League Baseball, with advance permission from the commissioner’s office.


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