Peyton Manning is a strange pick for sportsman of the year

Peyton Manning is Sports Illustrated's sportsman of the year.
(Ed Andrieski / Associated Press)

Add one more to his list of achievements: Peyton Manning has been named Sports Illustrated’s sportsman of the year.

What an odd choice. Sure, Manning has led Denver to an 11-3 record this year and is closing in on the season record for touchdown passes, but his stirring comeback from neck surgery happened last year. He certainly is Denver’s sportsman of the year, but for the U.S.?

There were at least two better choices out there: David Ortiz, who led the Boston Red Sox to the World Series title and gave the city something to rally around after the Boston Marathon bombings, and Mariano Rivera, who retired after 17 seasons as the New York Yankees closer. Rivera not only is the greatest closer in history, he quietly paid tribute to stadium employees in each city of his final season, which is pretty sportsmanlike of him.

You could also have given it to LeBron James, though he did win it last year.


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