Nothing says 'fun' like UCLA compliance office tweets

College athletics and social media outlets have been a hoot.

Where else can you go to find out if a receiver is unhappy that he doesn't get enough passes? Or to read that a point guard hates all the haters?


So it should come as no surprise that college compliance offices have become active in this realm.

UCLA’s compliance office launched its site with a post Oct. 7,

One of the followers is @TheCoffeeBean. Sure, who wouldn't need some java to stay awake while reading the latest NCAA and Pac-12 compliance news?

But UCLA compliance office's main function is to be everyone's mom, making sure all follow the rules. They reminded everyone that "NCAA rules prohibit fans and boosters from participating in the recruiting process. Leave it to the coaches and do not tweet prospects."

Other seemingly unenforceable edicts include:

(Remember that when watching the Pac-12’s blitzkrieg promotions that Las Vegas is the place to be in March for the conference tournament).

(No word whether the “happy holidays” can be included in that institutional note card to the Prospective Student-Athlete).

Wait, "positive" tweets? Seems to compliance office still has a lot to learn about social media.