You don’t need to tell Bryson DeChambeau to slow down and take it easy

Bryson DeChambeau
(Neville Hopwood / AP)

Golfer Bryson DeChambeau got on the nerves of some fellow golfers and some golf fans over the weekend. Why? Let’s just say that








On one hole, he walked off every inch of a 70-yard shot to the green and then took almost three minutes to hit an eight-foot putt. Which he missed. And which quickly drew the scorn of golf fans on social media.

This isn’t the first time he has been criticized for slow play. It has been a constant theme throughout his career. And finally (slow to react?), he had heard enough.


“When people start talking to me about slow play and how I’m killing the game, I’m doing this and that to that game ... that is complete and utter you-know-what. That’s not fair,” he said after he shot a 71 Saturday at the Northern Trust Open in Jersey City, N.J.

DeChambeau went on to say that no one gives him credit for how quickly he gets to the ball after each shot. Which is sort of like a pitcher saying, “Yeah, I take two minutes to pitch each ball, but I get to the mound quickly before the inning starts.”

“The fact of the matter is, you walk fast to your ball, we’re still a hole and a half behind,” said golfer Justin Thomas, who played with DeChambeau on Friday. “It’s not working. You don’t get timed on how fast you get to the ball. If anything, I walk slower to my ball because then by the time I get there, my caddie’s there. But if you’re second or third to hit, I’ll get to my ball and get my yardage, so I’ll already have it. And that’s fine.

“But walking to your ball really quickly and not starting your process until it’s your turn, it’s defeating the purpose.”


Here’s a tip for you: If you want to do something under the radar, don’t ask Hulk Hogan to join you.


Hogan was in Chicago for a personal appearance at a convention and was running late. So, a Chicago police officer gave him a ride from the tarmac at O’Hare airport to the convention center.

No one may have noticed except for the fact Hogan filmed the whole thing and put it on Facebook Live.

“My Uber’s got a siren,” Hogan said while the police officer sped around parked planes and airport workers. “Chicago PD for life.”

Hogan was accompanied by his longtime manager Jimmy Hart and they were nice enough to ask the police officer if he would get into any trouble for this.

“My sergeant is all for it,” the officer said.

Maybe, but some officials in Chicago aren’t.

“The activity and behavior demonstrated in that video poses a significant risk to the officers and overall aviation safety on the airfield,” city spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Chicago Tribune. “The superintendent was furious about what he saw.”

All that can be said in summation is: Whatcha gonna do, Chicago, when Hulkamania rides wild on you!

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