Michael Malone to NBA: ‘Shame on you’ for not allowing coaches’ families in bubble

Nuggets coach Michael Malone questions a referee's call during Game 1 of the playoff series against the Clippers on Sept. 3.
Nuggets coach Michael Malone questions a referee’s call during Game 1 of the playoff series against the Clippers on Thursday night.
(Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)

The audio from the reporter’s question cut out, but Denver coach Michael Malone heard the one word he needed — bubble — to take the moment to get something off his chest.

Fresh from the lopsided beating the Clippers gave his team one night earlier, Malone used his off-day media session to chide the NBA for its policy on coaches and guests inside the league bubble.

NBA players were allowed this week to have family members join them in Orlando, a luxury that doesn’t extend to the people who coach them.

“The players have their families here, which they deserve, which is the right thing to do,” he said. “The referees are allowed to bring one guest, which is great for the referee. The coaches — the coaches — are not allowed to bring anybody. I say, ‘Shame on you, NBA.’

“This is crazy. I miss my family. I think I speak for me, I speak for my coaches and probably all the coaches down here. Sixty days and not having access and not being granted the privilege to have my family come here, to me, is criminal in nature. And that shouldn’t be. Shouldn’t be at all.”

Malone and the Nuggets play Game 2 of their series with the Clippers on Saturday at 6 p.m.