Letters to Sports: Inglewood’s 106-0 win lacked class

Inglewood takes the field for a Southern Section Division 2 playoff game against St. Bonaventure at Ventura College.
The Inglewood Sentinels take the field for a Southern Section Division 2 playoff game against St. Bonaventure at Ventura College on Friday night, one week after defeating rival Morningside 106-0. Inglewood beat St. Bonaventure 26-10
(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

I graduated from Inglewood High in 1971. I am aware of the history of the rivalry with Morningside High. I am thoroughly embarrassed at the complete lack of sportsmanship displayed by my alma mater in the recent 106-0 debacle against the Monarchs. These are boys … and whoever is the coach at IHS is sending the wrong message.

Bud Chapman



The biggest loser in Inglewood’s “victory” over Morningside High was the Inglewood coach. The crassness and classless example he set for his team was, I’m sure, a huge ego trip for all involved on that side of the ball. In actuality, it was like a prizefighter knocking out his opponent at 30 seconds of the first round and then being allowed to continue to pummel and kick the recipient while he was down. The head coach deserves to be relieved of that position.

Steve Bass


Like any true football fan, I was appalled and disgusted to read about the outcome of the game between Morningside and Inglewood. Inglewood coach Mil’Von James makes a mockery of what football at all levels should be about, and dishonors good coaches everywhere.

The game of football should teach the values of hard work, dedication, discipline, fairness, sportsmanship and dignity in victory as well as defeat; characteristics that will carry the day in all walks of life — for the rest of your life.

Displays such as this only put a dimmer on Friday Night Lights.

Michael D. Johnson
Los Angeles


It is hypocritical of the Morningside football coach to criticize Inglewood for running up the score when 30 years ago Morningside’s Lisa Leslie scored 100 points in the first half of a basketball game.

Inglewood got punished by CIF as they have to play undefeated St. Bonaventure on the road in the first round of the Division 2 playoffs.

Darryl Thomson
La Cañada

Bruins battle

Ben Bolch really skewered Chip Kelly in his column on Monday. He pointed all of the reasons that Kelly has not lived up to his expectations. Kelly can save his job by getting a new defensive coordinator and save UCLA a lot of money on a new coach.

Sol Bialeck
Van Nuys


Ben Bolch’s commentary that Chip Kelly is nowhere close to elite is on the mark especially as it relates to fleecing UCLA. My simple view is that the talent of Marcus Mariota and his teammates at Oregon along with Nike’s Phil Knight’s funding of the athletic department’s fabulous facilities made Kelly a “genius.” His real genius is his ability to parlay his short-lived Oregon success into three subsequent highly paid coaching failures. Outsmarted us all.

J. Marc Rosen
Kaneohe, Hawaii


While UCLA athletics is characterized by athletic director Martin Jarmond as elite, the football program under the direction of Chip Kelly has proven to be anything but, with one glaring exception: the money the university pays Kelly and his staff of underachieving assistants. So what if Kelly was successful at Oregon? Past success does not guarantee future results! At least not to the tune of $23.5 million over five years. Kelly’s “process,” as featured in a previous Times article, has been a failure since he left Oregon. It’s time Jarmond wakes up and cleans the football program’s house.

Lawrence Kates
Los Angeles


Dear Mr. Bolch,

Thank you for saying the right thing. Now let’s hope UCLA does the right thing.

Janet Layton
Seal Beach


The only joy that comes from UCLA football is the daily drubbing Ben Bolch gives to Chip Kelly. As for Kelly’s blind loyalty to incompetent defensive coordinator Jerry Azzinaro, the guy would have been fired from a Pee Wee football team by now.

Jim Fredrick
Manhattan Beach


As the Bruins slide into ruins, Jerry Azzinaro continues his defensive wizardry by finding ways to misuse talented players. If our new AD even has an inkling of keeping Chip Kelly he must require the immediate termination of this defensive master. Heck, for $700,000 a year he could hire a gang of high school defensive coordinators who couldn’t do any worse.

Felipe Hernandez


I gave Chip Kelly an attaboy for landing 6-foot-9, five-star recruit Adem Bona until The Times’ clarified that Bona was targeted for the basketball team. Sorry Chip, just trying to help.

Eddie Dawes
Hacienda Heights


Note to deep pocket Bruin boosters: Stop spending millions of dollars buying out a head coach every five years. Start buying five-star players, lots of them. Unsavory as it sounds, welcome to the brave new world of NIL in collegiate football. The gutty little Bruins work their backsides off daily in an effort to earn more Ws, but the fact is that Nick Saban would struggle to be bowl eligible with the UCLA rosters of the last five years. As John McKay said, in his inimitable and understated way, “The team with the best players usually wins.” Coaching is important, but what matters most in college football is not Xs and O’s; it is Jims and Joes.

Dave Sanderson
La Cañada

Packed with deception

“I’m immunized” = “I didn’t inhale.”

Howard Cohen
North Hills

Bravo Braves

As I watched the Atlanta Braves crush the cheating Astros in Game 6 of the World Series to win the title, I thought as a lifelong Dodgers fan I’d be happier with the redemption it was supposed to bring. Instead I continued to just be more disgusted that commissioner Rob Manfred had allowed this to linger years later. Instead of severely punishing Houston and banning for life then-manager A.J. Hinch and coach Alex Cora, taking away their 2017 title and suspending Altuve, Correa, Bregman, etc. He single-handedly allowed the Astros to get away with it. Well at least the good guys won this title. Congrats, Braves.

Bruce Laracuente


Congratulations to the underdog Braves for a well-deserved World Series championship. Once our beloved Dodgers were eliminated, after a great season for which the players, coaches and front office should be congratulated, and the AL representative was determined to be the cheating Houston Asterisks, I was an Atlanta Braves fan for a week. If Rob Manfred had any guts, the record books would have an asterisk next to the name of the 2017 “champions.” I suggest we refer to that team as the “Asterisks” for all time!

Donnie Moore
Redondo Beach


I hope Dave Roberts along with the members of the Dodgers front office were comfortable, at home, watching a team that doesn’t rely on analytics to be successful. The Atlanta Braves and manager Brian Snitker played the game this year as close to “old school” baseball that you are going to find today, and won it all.

Congratulations to the Braves, and to the Dodgers … wise up!

Kent M. Paul
Costa Mesa

Fantastic photo

Great photo of Jalen Green and LeBron James collision in Wednesday’s Times. Robert Gauthier’s photo made them look like they were doing a Cirque du Soleil balancing act.

Vaughn Hardenberg

Brimming with hope

I know USC paid a lot of money to buy out Clay Helton’s contract but honestly, can’t they afford to get Donte Williams a new SC cap instead of the one he wears with a hole in its brim?

Bill Piercy
Long Beach


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