These products make life less tricky and maybe less icky

Manufacturers thought outside the box or hat or pocket to come up with these innovative products that make life, if not easier, than at least less icky.

AirPocket protector

Let’s talk dirty, as in back-seat airplane pockets. You won’t have to worry about encountering trash or leaving stuff behind if you’re armed with the new AirPocket. The lightweight, zippered, black neoprene sleeve, designed to slide into the plane’s seat-back pocket, has seven internal compartments for organizing and cushioning a tablet or small laptop, cellphones, eyeglasses, snacks and more.

Sandwiched between two spacious, open internal sections are a panel of five red neoprene pouches. The top opens wide when unzipped, and all the internal sections stretch accommodatingly. An external red neoprene sleeve lets you slip the AirPocket over a retractable luggage handle; attach the strap and you have a shoulder bag.

Cost, info: The AirPocket, $68,


Cold comfort

if a ball cap is your hat of choice, you know earmuffs look goofy worn over it. The solution? As simple as the PolarEx Ball Cap Ear Warmers from Hot Headz. It’s a fleece ear-covering headband with a slot for the cap visor.

Ears and forehead get soft, toasty warmth, and the band keeps the cap from flying off your head when the wind kicks up.

Cost, info: PolarEx Fleece Ball Cap Ear Warmers cost about $10;

Space station

No matter how luxurious and spacious your hotel room or cruise ship cabin may be, counter space, especially in the bathroom, is often at a premium. The Orgo is an ingenious travel organizer system that incorporates its own built-in counter space.


Unsnap the little tab connecting the two zippered polyester cases and when you pull them apart, they pivot out along an incorporated hard-back open platform.

Unzip and flip open the lids, which have internal zippered pockets and elastic grips, and the whole kit and caboodle becomes a 36-inch-wide curved work station you can plunk down over the sink or other surface.

The Orgo also works as a laptop work/play station in a car or plane. Closed, the Orgo measures 15-by-11-by-2-inches deep and stashes easily into a carry-on bag or tote.

Cost, info: Orgo Expandable Travel Organizer System costs $25.99 to $35.99, depending on color/pattern;

Pet pack

When traveling with Shayna May, my dog, I have loaded myself up for walks, including a water bottle, waste bags, cellphone, cash and more. I’m a lot more streamlined these days thanks to the Popware for Pets BottlePocket.

Using a stretchy neoprene bottle holder as a base, the designers sewed on a cellphone-size mesh pouch with a Velcro tab closure.

Onto that they sewed a zippered neoprene pocket, big enough for credit cards, keys, waste bags and treats for both of you.

A collapsible 8-ounce polypropylene bowl clips to the bottle holder’s drawstring toggle closure by way of its detachable carabiner.


The BottlePocket can be worn on a belt or pack or carried by hand using the integrated adjustable cushioned grab strap.

Cost, info: Popware for Pets BottlePocket with Collapsible Travel Cup costs $19.99 in pink, green or blue;


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