6 female pop superstars take over Las Vegas’ show scene


Female pop superstars are the top draws at several Vegas casinos, beginning in December. Popular singers Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga begin multimillion-dollar residencies while headliners Céline Dion, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Cher wrap up popular runs.

Pop diva Céline Dion kickstarted the windfall with her blockbuster show at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, which opened in 2011 and has run for long stretches since then.


Backed by a full orchestra and dazzling stagecraft, the show has drawn more than 2 million fans. If you’re not yet among them, you still have time to catch the bestselling female artist in history. You’ll have to act fast, though: Céline’s heart will go on long after the show’s final curtain drops June 8, but the theme song from “Titanic” may not.

Tickets from $55.

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Sandwiched between Dion’s final set of shows at Caesars Palace (and bookended by short gigs by Van Morrison and Jerry Seinfeld), Mariah Carey wraps up her “The Butterfly Returns” residency with a week-long concert series Feb. 13 through 21.

She and her four-piece band will belt out “Emotions,” “We Belong Together” and likely some new stuff, but if you’re hoping for “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” you’ll be two months too late.

Tickets from $55.

Info: Mariah Carey: “The Butterfly Returns”


Long legs, crazy hair, a sultry voice and a bazillion costume changes in less than two hours signal just one thing: Classic Cher is back — but only for a little while longer. After a short break, Cher returns to her residency at the Park Las Vegas in February to dance as if those legs are on fire.

She’ll sing many of her hits and a few near-misses (hey, it’s tough to hit those high notes all the time) plus several songs from her newest album, “Dancing Queen.” Her show wraps up in March.

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Info: Classic Cher at The Park Las Vegas

When you’ve sold 31 million albums, amassed 31.5 million Instagram followers, and earned six Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award nomination, one blockbuster show just won’t suffice.

That’s why Lady Gaga takes over the theater at the Park Las Vegas at ParkMGM on Dec. 28 with two separate shows in her residency.


“Lady Gaga Enigma” will feature her top pop hits, while “Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano,” offered on Sundays only, will offer trimmed-down versions of those hits plus music from the Great American Songbook.

The two shows will continue into early February while Cher takes a break. Then Lady G is back in May, June, October and November.

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Info: “Lady Gaga Enigma and Jazz & Piano”

Gwen Stefani wraps up the holidays on Dec. 27 with the opening of her “Just a Girl” residency at Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood, inheriting the same stage (and some of the same designers) J-Lo used for her 2018 headline show.

Whether it’s the dancers or the backing band or even the crazy number of wardrobe changes, somehow Stefani’s 90-minute set manages to capture some of J-Lo’s boundless energy.

What does that mean for you? Go prepared for Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl,” “Sweet Escape” and “What You Waiting For” to burrow into your head and pachinko around as earburners.


Tickets from $80.

Info: Gwen Stefani “Just A Girl”

Britney Spears wrapped up her wildly successful Planet Hollywood “Piece of Me” residency a year ago. Then she took off her headset, packed up her songbook, and left the building for good.

But if you move out of your parents’ house then into a penthouse that their neighbors own across the street, did you really ever leave?

Regardless, ParkMGM hopes it’ll be “Baby One More Time” for the pop singer’s new residency; the last one shoveled in more than $100 million in ticket sales during its four-year run at Planet Hollywood.

The new show, called “Domination,” will of course include Spears’ unbridled hits “Toxic” and “I’m a Slave 4U.” She takes the stage Feb. 13, alternating dates with Cher and Stefani.

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Info: Britney Spears: “Domination” at ParkMGM


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