'Curb Your Enthusiasm's' Jeff Garlin hit by felony vandalism rap

Actor Jeff Garlin's parking mishap sounds like an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

The costar of HBO's comedy about the foibles of upper-class Angelenos was arrested in Studio City on Saturday after getting into a fight with another motorist about a parking space. Somehow the incident ended with Garlin allegedly smashing his antagonist's car windows.

How very "Curb." Except on that show, the one getting into the scrape would be star Larry David, while Garlin, playing David's affable but somewhat distant manager, would later listen sympathetically to Larry's plight without offering any real help.

At any rate, Garlin's arrest could end up with serious consequences. He was booked on suspicion of felony vandalism, released on $20,000 bail and has to appear in court on July 11.

No word on how this might affect production on Garlin's new sitcom, "The Goldbergs," which was picked up for fall on ABC. It's due to air at 9 p.m. Tuesdays.

Does this news change your opinion of Garlin?


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