Taco Bell is launching crispy chicken biscuit tacos and quesadillas Thursday

Crispy chicken at Taco Bell? YAS. New biscuit breakfast tacos launching Thursday

Taco Bell is continuing its quest to create the next best-hangover-breakfast-why-didn't-I-think-of-this item with its new biscuit tacos.

Like the Irvine-based fast food chain's waffle taco, which is a waffle shaped like a taco shell, the biscuit taco is a biscuit shaped like a taco. You can have it filled with eggs, cheese and sausage (369 calories); eggs, cheese and bacon (380 calories); crispy chicken with country gravy (388 calories); or crispy chicken with jalapeno honey (471 calories). 

Taco Bell is also launching an entire line of crispy chicken menu items with a crispy chicken quesadilla and crispy chicken grillers. 

“This year is about making sure we continue to give people the food they crave in a way that’s unique to Taco Bell,” said Brian Niccol, CEO of Taco Bell Corp. in a release. "Our Biscuit Taco delivers just that; it will reinvent the fast food breakfast experience by moving away from boring, round sandwiches and inserting bold tastes and flavors."

All of the new menu items will be available Thursday at participating locations. The biscuit taco is priced at $2.49. 

The company is also expanding its chip-flavored taco shell line with a Frito Taco made with a Fritos taco shell. The new taco could be available at stores in the next few months. 

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