Southern California Moments

Southern California Moments Your photos from around the Southland and beyond
Focus, focus

Photographer and avid skydiver Ernie Leyba loves combining his two passions.

Last May, he and two friends visited Skydive Monterey Bay. With GoPros and Sony Action Cams mounted on their helmets, they jumped from 18,000 feet over Monterey Bay, overlooking a stunning view that also included Salinas and Santa Cruz.

"The views are so beautiful, it can be slightly distracting," said Leyba.

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Flashback Friday: A silent night on the Queen Mary

In the busy chaos of the holiday season, it's important to sit back every so often and appreciate those quiet moments that make this time of year special.

With a group of Instagram users, Tony Scott embarked on a nighttime photo walk at the Queen Mary in Long Beach with a mission to capture such moments. He had never before visited the Queen Mary, so every corner was a place of discovery.

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A stroll beneath the stars

Alex Rubalcaba captured this photo while on a "mini vacation" in Death Valley.

"We should all try to escape from our routines," he said. "California is beautiful and there are so many variables in the landscape."

For this photo, Rubalcaba took advantage of the lack of light pollution in the area, something we rarely see in Los Angeles.

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LAX sightings

"I've loved aviation my whole life," says Robert Gluckman. Now an aerial camera operator for a news helicopter, he spends a lot of his time "in the air looking down."

Last year, Gluckman shot this photo of an Air China 777-300 jetliner in a familiar spot-- one he says he sees every time he flies over Los Angeles International Airport.

"There were a lot of obstructions in the way of that shot.

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Colorful, classic car culture

Photographer Javier Guillen is extremely proud of his hometown of East Los Angeles. Also an avid Instagrammer, he loves "capturing images that best represent" his neighborhood.

On Nov.

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Between the shadows

To relax himself after a long week at work, Jorge Gonzalez will often take walks around Los Angeles to capture images of life in the city.

Earlier this month, he was shooting photos at Grand Central Market and was drawn to the shadows forming from the light hitting the wall.

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