Homecoming at In-N-Out

When SoCal natives move out of the state, they normally miss two things: weather and In-N-Out.

That proved particularly true for Ryan DeForeest of Norwalk. On a visit home from film school in New York, he's eaten at In-N-Out not once, but five times.

Last week, he was enjoying a late-night dinner at the restaurant with his friend. When they walked back to his car after dinner, DeForeest paused to admire the design of the restaurant's logo. He then thought that capturing his friend in front of the logo would make for a beautiful image. 

"Honestly, I know it sounds nerdy, but ever since my high school graphic design class, I've always appreciated a well-designed logo or sign," he said. 

DeForeest used an iPhone 6 to make the image on Jan. 6. 

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