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Legal battle ends: Detained immigrant obtains an abortion

 (J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)
(J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press)

The first legal battle over abortion in the Trump administration ended Wednesday when a 17-year-old immigrant from Central America had an abortion in south Texas.

The U.S. appeals court in Washington ruled Tuesday that administration officials could not prevent her from obtaining the abortion with the help of a legal guardian.

The Trump administration did not attempt to fight the legal battle further. 

But the action does not settle the larger legal question of whether officials at the Office of Refugee Resettlement can stand in the way of detained young women who wish to terminate their pregnancies. Administration lawyers said the only option for pregnant minors in detention was to accept deportation to their home countries.

Brigitte Amiri, an ACLU attorney, predicted further legal fights.

"Justice prevailed today for Jane Doe. But make no mistake about it, the administration's efforts to interfere in women's decisions won't stop with Jane," she said.

Attorneys issued a statement from the young woman.

"I made my decision and that is between me and God. Through all of this, I have never changed my mind," she said.

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