Simi Valley Youth Baseball League to receive field material from Dodger Stadium

Eric Sondheimer
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The Simi Valley Youth Baseball League is about to have a Dodger Stadium experience.

P.W. Gillibrand, a Simi Valley-based company that supplies aggregate materials to stadiums, is scheduled to put in old turf materials from Dodger Stadium on a Simi Valley Youth Baseball League field next week as part of a community service project, said Tim McGuire, director of sales and marketing for the company.

The league is thrilled, according to Walter Solis, a league manager. Players will be able to walk in the outfield on material that was used at Dodger Stadium this past year.

Gillibrand took the grass stolons from the Dodger Stadium field to its quarry in Simi Valley and blended it with additional fertilizers and soils. The old Dodger Stadium turf will come back to life in Simi Valley.

And, in perfect timing, former Dodgers Manager Tom Lasorda will be the featured guest on Saturday on opening day at Simi Valley Youth Baseball.

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