Watch the Lakers' Nick Young pick up an exploding firework and somehow escape unscathed

Nick Young did something really stupid over the holiday weekend. Luckily he lived to tell about it — and he can even gesture with both hands and all 10 fingers while relating the story if he wants.

Check out this video TMZ obtained from what it says is a Fourth of July party at the Lakers’ shooting guard’s home in Tarzana:

TMZ claims that the man grabbing the lit firework and holding it over his head while it explodes is Young, and that certainly looks like ol’ Swaggy P in the video.

The Lakers told the Associated Press they have no comment on the video, while Young’s agent hasn’t responded to the AP’s request for comment.

Folks are comparing the incident to what happened to New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, who lost an index finger and part of a thumb after a firework went off in his hand last July 4.

But there’s a difference.

Pierre-Paul has said he didn’t throw the firework quick enough after lighting it. Young appears to make the conscious decision of picking up an already-lit explosive and holding on until it blows up.

And unlike Pierre-Paul, who tweeted in September that he doesn’t need his index finger to sack quarterbacks, Young would seem to need two hands with all the digits in place to do his job properly.

Young averaged a career-low 7.3 points per game last season.


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