Portland State player fakes handshake, steals ball, dunks and is booed

Portland State guard fakes handshake so he can pull off tacky play

So much for good sportsmanship.

Portland State guard Bryce White made headlines Wednesday night after he faked a handshake with a player from rival Portland in the final moments of the non-conference college basketball game so he could steal the ball and dunk it.

Portland was leading by 14 points at the time of the stunt, so all it did was anger the crowd, who showered White with boos.

The bucket counted. Final score: Portland 83, Portland State 71.

Pilots guard Alec Wintering was dribbling out the clock when White approached nonchalantly from behind a couple of teammates, stuck out his hand, slapped the ball from Wintering, scooped it up and went for the dunk.

It's all in the video above.

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