L.A. Times’ Latest ‘State of What’s Next’ Campaign Invites Readers to ‘Choose Reality’

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Los Angeles Times | Choose Reality

We encourage readers to explore all sides of every story, especially those related to the pandemic.


The Los Angeles Times has expanded its “The State of What’s Next” campaign to highlight The Times’ coverage on a variety of issues and reveal more about what the news organization stands for.

“Instead of relying on the really wonderful photo imagery from The Times to tell our story, like we did in the past year, we want to offer potential subscribers more of an understanding of who we are,” said Times Chief Marketing Officer Joshua Brandau. “We want to lean into the idea that truth exists and facts are important, and the Los Angeles Times stands for those things.”

The first element of this new phase of the campaign is a video spot that includes images of people getting the COVID-19 vaccine and connecting, safely, with family, friends and schoolmates. It invites readers to “choose reality” and “choose to be informed” by subscribing to The Times.


The spot is the first of many advertisements the marketing team is creating, from serious to playful ones, to highlight The Times’ coverage on a variety of issues, ranging from climate change to food. Within the next quarter, Brandau said the marketing team will roll out the new advertisements using several mediums, including the internet, TV, radio and social platforms, plus several out of home components in California and beyond.

Through the “Choose Reality” creative, Brandau said, new and potential subscribers will get a more direct message about what we as a news organization stand for.