Thomas Suh Lauder promoted to assistant editor for graphics

Thomas Suh Lauder, assistant editor for graphics
In this new position, Thomas Suh Lauder will edit information graphics across a growing array of digital publishing platforms.

The following announcement was sent on behalf of Data and Graphics Editor Ben Welsh:

I am pleased to announce that Thomas Suh Lauder has been promoted to assistant editor for graphics.

In this newly created position, Lauder will oversee our overhauled system for creating charts and maps to enrich our news coverage. His role will include editing day-to-day data visualizations as well as cross-departmental enterprise. He will serve as a point person for improvements in how graphics integrate with our growing array of digital publishing platforms.

This is a return to an editing role for Lauder. He previously coordinated graphics for special projects, including Pulitzer Prize-winning packages such as the investigation into failures at King-Drew hospital and the expansive “Altered Oceans” series about the degradation of the world’s seaways.


Lauder joined The Times’ graphics department in 2000. He quickly established himself as an innovator, leading the adoption of digital mapping technology and introducing computer programming techniques. That experimental spirit, along with his impressive work ethic, won over his peers.

“If Tom says he will do something, it gets done,” said Doug Smith, a veteran Times reporter. “Everything I do that involves graphics in any way, I go talk to Tom.”

During his time here, Lauder has authored hundreds of graphics. He has also developed web applications, including sites that served up data on California’s last major drought and Hollywood’s perennial awards season. He is a member of IRE/NICAR and has served as an officer and board member of the Los Angeles chapter of the Asian American Journalists Assn.

Please join me in thanking Lauder for taking on this important work, which will bolster our overall effort and benefit every department in the newsroom.