The Los Angeles Times is hiring for key positions on the food team

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The Los Angeles Times is adding multiple positions to its award-winning food team, which is expanding the scope of its reporting and storytelling methods on new and existing platforms.

It’s an especially exciting moment to join L.A. Times Food as restaurants and the broader food world enter a new era. Our journalism is also evolving, which is why we are looking for innovative narrative and visual storytellers who can help us build a must-read destination site with strong identifiable imagery, feature stories, guides and recipes that vividly reflect Los Angeles and Southern California.

“Everyone who eats and everyone who works in the food industry is experiencing historic change,” said Laurie Ochoa, who recently became general manager of L.A. Times Food and is teaming with newly named Food Editor Daniel Hernandez. “We will meet the challenge of this moment by expanding our coverage about the people who grow and make our food, as well as the social and pocketbook trends that affect what’s on our plates. We’re also adding to our already robust restaurant recommendations with even more guides to eating and cooking in Southern California. I’m excited about bringing new voices into the paper to work with our fantastic food staff and find new ways to tell our stories. If you love food and want to be a part of chronicling the change, it’s a great time to join our team.”


We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Deputy Editor, Food: Work with the food editor and general manager to plan, manage and execute daily news, guides, lists, recipes, reviews and feature content.
  • Photo Editor, Food: Work with photo and video journalists as well as the food team to conceptualize, assign, edit, direct and produce high-end photography for food coverage and help develop a distinct visual style for L.A. Times Food.
  • Assistant Editor and Writer, Food Guides: Report, edit, produce and manage a steady stream of lists and guides to help L.A. Times Food become the go-to destination for street-level service food journalism in Southern California.
  • Senior Art Director, Food: Develop and implement a holistic brand design for L.A. Times Food across digital platforms, including mobile, web and social media.
  • SEO Editor, Features and Food: Provide data-driven guidance on search terms, trending stories, optimal publishing times and effective headlines for the Lifestyle, West Coast Experience and Food teams.
  • Audience Engagement Editor, Food: Manage L.A. Times Food social accounts and the digital presentation of Food content, as well as incubate new ideas for audience outreach.