Amy Hubbard moving to the Fast Break Desk as an assistant editor

Amy Hubbard holds an umbrella
Amy Hubbard will return to a deluge of breaking news after various newsroom stints, including most recently working with the newsletters team.
(Tim Hubbard)

The following announcement was sent on behalf of Deputy Managing Editor Shelby Grad and Assistant Managing Editor for News B.J. Terhune:

The Fast Break Desk is pleased to announce the addition of Amy Hubbard, who joins the breaking news operation as an assistant editor Dec. 12.

Hubbard started at The Times in 1993 in the Valley/Ventura edition and has worked in a variety of editorial departments since then, including as copy chief for daily Calendar, Travel, Books and the morning news copy desk. As SEO chief, she did battle with the Google search engine (and sometimes even won) before becoming a morning editor on the Metro desk.


In 2015, she took a four-year detour at NerdWallet, where she further polished her SEO and personal finance skills as a lead editor on the small business and banking teams. She returned to The Times on the morning copy desk and most recently was assistant editor of newsletters. Prior to joining The Times, she worked at the L.A. Daily News, the late, great Herald Examiner and the Hollywood Reporter. She’s a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia Journalism School.

In her spare time, Hubbard stays busy putting her many children through many colleges (see her in Boston in the photo above), or she can be found immersed in a good (or bad) book, playing pickleball or hiking along the SoCal coast.