Announcing the launch of a new column, ‘For Real With Amy Kaufman’

Portrait of Amy Kaufman
Entertainment and investigative reporter Amy Kaufman brings her distinct ability to explore and explain the individuals who intrigue us to a new column, which starts Sunday.
(Los Angeles Times)

The following announcement was sent on behalf of Deputy Managing Editor Julia Turner and Assistant Managing Editor Craig Nakano:

This Sunday, the Los Angeles Times launches a new A-1 column, “For Real With Amy Kaufman,” which will offer our readers intimate, in-depth portraits of the people shaping today’s culture. Kaufman will produce revelatory, essential profiles of icons, underdogs and rising stars from the entertainment industry and beyond, taking readers behind the scenes so they can understand who these figures are — for real.

Since she joined the L.A. Times staff in 2009, Kaufman has become one of the brightest stars in entertainment journalism, navigating two very distinct paths as a feature writer and investigative reporter. She has been key to our Hollywood coverage, reporting from Sundance, Cannes, the Oscars and, on one memorable occasion, the Beverly Hills Dog Show, and a fixture of The Times’ many awards-season roundtables. She is also an expert on all things related to “The Bachelor” franchise and the author of the best-selling “Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure.”


Kaufman has also reported blockbuster investigative pieces about sexual misconduct in Hollywood, helping drive the #MeToo conversation by exposing allegations against Brett Ratner, James Franco, Chris D’Elia and Russell Simmons. Since then, she has continued to shine a light on the darker side of the entertainment business, most recently sharing bylines on pieces about producer Randall Emmett and YouTube star Piper Rockelle. She also helped lead Times coverage of the “Rust” shooting, which was a Pulitzer finalist in breaking news.

With a distinct ability to engage her subjects and a pointed understanding of both fleeting cultural trends and unshakable human truths, Kaufman has also produced a constant stream of illuminating profiles of stars as varied as Stevie Nicks, Michael B. Jordan, Joan Rivers, Kevin Hart and Lady Gaga.

As she launches “For Real,” a showcase for her ability to explore and explain the individuals who intrigue us, Kaufman, who becomes a columnist, will continue to pursue investigative projects. Her editor will be Pulitzer Prize winner Mary McNamara, and the column will launch with a look at the ever-evolving Drew Barrymore.