Corona del Mar High Coach Errion Resting Comfortably After Surgery

Corona del Mar High School basketball Coach Jack Errion is resting comfortably at home in Newport Beach following major surgery and a prolonged hospital stay.

Errion, 59, underwent vascular surgery April 18 and was released from the hospital Sunday. While there, Errion had his aorta--the main artery from the heart to the organs--replaced with an artificial artery from the heart to the groin area.

Errion’s wife Connie reports that while his heart and other vital organs are fine, he will have another six-week recovery period even though he has no problem with walking or other minor physical activities right now.

“He can do anything really,” Connie said. “He’s got a new artery in there so he seems to be as good as new.”


Connie added that while Errion will be off the rest of this school year on medical leave, he expects to continue teaching and coaching at the school this fall.

Besides being the boys’ varsity basketball coach, Errion teaches physical education and typing classes.