Rule-Breaker Should Pay Penalty

We were shocked when El Camino Real baseball forfeits were rescinded. This was compounded by the reseeding that made El Camino a fourth-place team.

Athletics are governed by rules. One of the values of athletics is to learn to play by the rules. You break the rules, and you pay the penalty. No team wants to forfeit a game, but if a rule is broken, the team must pay the consequences.

Penalizing the team for an individual mistake may not be fair, but how can you change a policy during the season? It seems to indicate that parental pressure can cause the whole athletic system to be in disarray.

What is the function of the Interscholastic Athletic Committee? Have you, (Los Angeles Unifed School District associate superintendent) Mr. Sid Thompson, taken away all of its authority?


Chatsworth High School

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