Now, It’s Raiders’ Turn to Take Wrath

What is all this business about the “street smart” Raiders? Not even Mr. Rogers could fail to see this team has been sinking like a rock for want of a talented, young quarterback.

Certainly, Jim Plunkett has been squeezed to the last drop. He’s given his all to the “commitment.” He’s accomplished all that he can. The spectacle of a 35-year-old quarterback being screwed into the Coliseum turf, as happened last Sunday, was not edifying.

If Al Davis was as slick as his image suggests, he would have long ago written off Marc Wilson as a bad investment, offered Plunkett an assistant coaching job or a clipboard, and gotten on with the rebuilding of the offense. Talented young passers have been falling off the trees the past few years, but the Raiders have just stood pat, assuring their naive, adoring fans that “the organization” knew what it was doing.

This season is probably a wash, certainly in so far as “excellence” is concerned. Another good defensive year will be wasted. Howie Long, Mike Haynes and the boys can’t wait forever. If Davis was really a smooth operator, he would quit posing and start taking care of business.



Los Angeles