Noga Has Down Year, but His NFL Stock Doesn't Plummet

Associated Press

Pro scouts are telling Al Noga, an All-America selection last year, not to worry about his football future even though his senior year at the University of Hawaii has faltered a bit.

NFL player personnel directors say that although Noga's tackles and sacks have dropped from his junior year, he hasn't been downgraded.

"We're not concerned with his numbers," says Bob Feguson of the Buffalo Bills. "The easiest way to put it is that we would love to have him."

"Tell Al not to worry," says Tom Boisture, the New York Giants' player personnel director.

The 6-1, 250-pound defensive tackle a year ago set school records for sacks, with 17, and tackles for loss, with 31.

With three gmes left to play, including Saturday's contest with Air Force in Honolulu, Noga has five sacks and 15 tackles for loss.

Chip Falivene of the Cleveland Browns said Noga's dropoff in sacks has had no impact on his evaluation.

"When you're as good as Al Noga is, people are aware of you," said Falivene. "All stats do are get you into trouble."

"What you see is that people are giving him more attention," says Joe Woolley of the Philadelphia Eagles. "You have to look at what he's going up against and how he's playing in the particular defensive scheme."

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