A Little Romance : Randy Quaid and Evi Motolanez Warm Up to Fall Looks

Bettijane Levine is The Times' fashion editor

It was 5 a.m. when actor Randy Quaid entered his hotel lobby to meet the driver who would take him to the set. All he saw was a beautiful woman asleep on a chair. He woke her. She apologized; she’d been out late the night before. He laughed and got her some coffee. She drove for an hour, then announced they were lost. He laughed again and pointed her toward New Jersey, where he and Madonna were filming “The Bloodhounds of Broadway.” She reached a tollbooth and realized she didn’t have a cent. Could she borrow some money? He laughed yet again--and paid. He did not laugh when a film executive said the driver was fired for taking so long to get him to work. “If she goes, I’m off this picture,” Quaid announced.

Thus their love story began. They were engaged at the wrap party and will marry in the spring. “Driver” Evi Motolanez has a new job now. Always an avid fashion fan, she’s Quaid’s wardrobe supervisor in real life and says she’s starting to do his wardrobe for films. Together they’re a stunning pair: He’s 6-foot-4, she’s nearly 6 feet. “Because we’re so tall, we don’t need very dramatic clothes. What I try to achieve for Randy and myself is simplicity, a kind of casual elegance,” Motolanez says. Here, they’re pictured in some of the dramatic yet simple clothes for fall, many of which are classics. For example, the Hermes sweater that Motolanez models here is one that she owns and says she “wears constantly.” Quaid’s outfits, too, are classics: turtlenecks, tweeds, jeans and a tuxedo style that embraces past and future.

Hair and makeup: Robyn Lynch / Celestine-Cloutier; stylist: Joanna Dendel; assistant stylist: Eddie Fernandez; location: Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Hills