PRELUDE TO FOUNDATION by Isaac Asimov (Spectra: $4.95). Mathematician Hari Seldon is unaware that this predictive theory of psychohistory is being furtively sought by Trantor’s rulers.

TAPESTRY by Belva Plain (Dell: $4.95). A banking scion is driven to seek solace with another woman when he is unable to resolve his ambivalence between his barren wife and a peasant girl.

THE DEATH OF METHUSELAH AND OTHER STORIES by Isaac Bashevis Singer (Plume: $8.95). Ten short stories from this Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winner.

SHAKEDOWN by Gerald Petievich (Pocket: $4.50). Three men--a secret service agent, an ex-cop turned con man, and a Mafia type--converge in Las Vegas, each planning to come out a winner in the same game.


A FOOL AND HIS MONEY: The Odyssey of an Average Investor by John Rothchild (Penguin: $7.95). Rothchild slips incognito into the stockbrokerage arena, resulting in some irreverent and salient tips.

HIGH TIMES, HARD TIMES by Anita O’Day with George Eells (Limelight: $12.95). In spite of frequent insolvency and an addiction to heroin, O’Day remained committed to singing jazz.

YELLOWSTONE ON FIRE! by The Staff of the Billings Gazette (Billings Gazette: $12.95). The park’s July, 1988, fire is reported in color pictures, concluding with a discussion of forest-fire policy.

THE MAN WITH NO ENDORPHINS: And Other Reflections on Science by James Gorman (Penguin: $6.95). Collection of science writer Gorman’s columns taken from Discover magazine.

DRIVING PASSIONS: The Psychology of the Car by Peter Marsh and Peter Collett (Faber & Faber: $9.95). Two psychologists examine the consuming relationship between people and their automobiles.


ALL NEW HINTS FROM HELOISE: A Household Guide for the ’90’s by Heloise (Perigee: $9.95). Focusing attention on the two-career family is one of the new approaches to some old tried-and-true organizing and cleaning solutions.

GETTING THINGS DONE WITHOUT GETTING DONE IN: A Guide to Office Politics by Dennis J. Moberg and David F. Caldwell (Scott, Foresman & Co.: $12.95). Authors analyze office dynamics and provide self-test “action cases.”