LITTLE SAIGON by T. Jefferson Parker (St. Martin’s: $4.95). Chuck Fyre, amateur surfer, plunges himself into the Los Angeles Vietnam community when his brother’s Vietnamese wife is kidnaped.

ENCHANTRESS MINE by Bertrice Small (Signet: $4.95). Britanny in the year 1056 is the setting for this romantic novel.

FAREWELL, SUMMER by Helen Hooven Santmyer (St. Martin’s: $3.95). In 1935, a young writer returns to her hometown to relive a 30-year-old love affair.

SEPULCHRE by James Herbert (Jove: $4.95). Psychic makes a deal with the devil.


SILVER by Hilma Wolitzer (Ivy: $4.95). A woman’s husband’s heart attack stops her from leaving him after learning of his affair on their 25th wedding anniversary.


OUTRAGEOUS CONDUCT: Art, Ego, and the Twilight Zone Case by Stephen Farber and Marc Green (Ivy: $4.95). Recounts the accidental deaths on the set of “Twilight Zone: The Movie” and the excesses of Hollywood.

YOUNG MEN WITH UNLIMITED CAPITAL by John Roberts and Joel Rosenman (Bantam: $7.95). Twentieth anniversary of Woodstock is celebrated in this memoir of how it all began.


THE DUCHESS OF WINDSOR: The Secret Life by Charles Higham (Charter: $5.50). Higham hurls several criminal charges against Wallis Warfield which he attempts to substantiate in this book.

LIVING HUNGRY IN AMERICA by Dr. J. Larry Brown and H. F. Pizer (Mentor: $4.95). Brown and others conducted a study of hunger nationwide that resulted in the famous Hands Across America effort.

THE LAW OF THE LAND: The Evolution of Our Legal System by Charles Rembar (Perennial: $9.95). Author uses history and personal anecdotes to explain the development and logic behind our present legal system.



PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME SELF-HELP BOOK by Susan M. Lark MD (Celestial Arts: $14.95). Lark, director of a PMS center, contends menu planning, vitamins and minerals, yoga and acupressure can alleviate some symptoms.

EXECUTIVE MEMORY TECHNIQUES by Joe Keith (Dell: $6.95). Try Keith’s POPCORN Rule to help expand your memory.