HIGH SCHOOL ROUNDUP : Section Commissioner Awaits Results of Investigation on Brawl

Section Commissioner Kendall Webb is waiting for the results of a Patrick Henry investigation into Saturday’s brawl, which erupted after Monte Vista took a 9-7 victory over Henry in a 3-A semifinal baseball game, before deciding whether the Section will get involved.

Preliminary reports indicated the fight began when Henry’s Luke Lowrey punched Monte Vista’s Curt Howard in the face during postgame handshakes.

Pending the school’s investigation, Webb said he will decide whether Lowrey, a junior, will be punished by the Section.

Webb said that because of the newly instituted ethics in sports policy, Lowrey could be ruled ineligible for his senior year.


“We would prefer to let Patrick Henry deal with this matter,” he said. “But certainly a person who violates the policy, and the indications are this young man did, would not be a person we want representing the San Diego Section in athletics.”

Henry Athletic Director Chris Miller, however, indicated Lowrey might not have been the instigator.

“At this point in time we’ve started our preliminary investigation and some very interesting things have come up,” Miller said. “An administrator from another school who was at the game said he saw a Monte Vista kid throw an elbow, and two parents came in today independently of one another and said they saw the same thing.” The administrator is Jerry Webb, baseball coach and athletic director at Midway Baptist.

"(Lowrey) was the second one in line to come up for the handshakes and his hand was up like everybody else’s and as soon as that elbow came up, that’s when it happened,” Jerry Webb said.

Last fall, Lowrey finished as the second-best passer in the county, completing 144 of 264 passes for 11 touchdowns and 2,126 yards, or 212.6 yards per game.

1-A Baseball

The San Diego Section 1-A championship game between Julian (19-6) and Midway Baptist (21-3) was postponed Tuesday because of wet grounds at Grossmont College. The game was rescheduled for 3:30 p.m. today at Grossmont.