World’s Freshest Candy


Karl Bissinger French Confections

3983 Gratiot, St. Louis, Mo. 63110, (800) 325-8881 . Major Credit Cards

The best chocolate-covered fresh raspberries in the world come from . . . uh, St. Louis, Mo.

For 20 days every July, Karl Bissinger French Confections stops making all other kinds of candy to devote itself to the creation of these extraordinary confections. Fresh raspberries are flown in daily from Oregon, then are immediately engulfed in a French fondant, hand-dipped in rich, dark chocolate, and shipped overnight Federal Express--all within 18 hours.


Unfortunately, chocolate-covered fresh raspberries keep only five days in the refrigerator. But hoarding them won’t be the problem. At $32 a pound plus $16 overnight delivery charge, affording them is.