Lack of Size Might Limit Blanton's College Options

Billy Blanton, Mater Dei High School's record-setting quarterback, will find his college choices limited, according to Dick Lascola of Scouting Evaluation Assn. in Fallbrook.

"The kid has some talent and throws the ball as well as any big-time recruit," Lascola said. "He also has the intangibles of poise and leadership. But his size will limit him.

"The one-back offense has become very popular in college and those schools are looking for quarterbacks who are 6-feet-5. I'm guessing Blanton is 5-11. I know he's not 6-2 like he's listed.

"If he chooses to go to a school like San Diego State that runs a sprint or rollout offense, he'll be fine. If he thinks he's going to play at Miami or Washington, his height will be a detriment."

Blanton lists Notre Dame, San Diego State, Pacific, Colorado, Oregon, California and Washington State among his college choices. He will visit San Diego State next week and Colorado at the end of the month.

Lascola said he sent film of Blanton playing against Mission Viejo to all of those schools except Colorado. Scouting Evaluation Assn. services most of the major colleges.

So is Blanton a big-time player? "I don't know if this answers your question, but he's going to be limited to where he can play," Lascola said.

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